Portfolio Review

Portfolio review session

The most useful aid for your development as a photographer is not an expensive camera, the best lens or the latest software – it is simply feedback and constructive advice about your work.

A Portfolio Review session gives you the chance to show your work, or work-in-progress, to an experienced Gallery of Photography curator, one-to-one. Over the 35-minute session, we will discuss how you can push your practice forward. We also consider other presentation options – books; online platforms; other exhibition opportunities – and discuss the implications of these for your particular style of work.

Bring along a ‘final edit’ of between 8 and 12 images as well as a representative sample of your work as a whole (a maximum of 50 images in total), so that we can discuss various edits and bring out the best in your photography.

How Do I Get a Review?

These one-to-one Photo Review sessions take place on weekdays, usually around lunchtime. To book, email your preferred date and a contact number to info@galleryofphotography.ie.  Portfolio Reviews cost €30.