Gallery of Photography Artist’s Digital Studio  (ADS)

The Artist’s Digital Studio (ADS) is available for hire by Gallery of Photography members. This unique facility provide for the highest quality serviced negative scanner available in Ireland. We can also do all the work for you.

The ADS facilities provide: Hassleblad IMACON scanner –  formats from 35mm, to 5″ x 4″ negatives and transparencies; twin cinema APPLE display, software to include: Photoshop, etc. – single usage only

Artist’s Digital Studio Hire Rates (hire only – without on hand technical support):
Individual  Members:

1 Session (3 hours)                          €50.00
Full Day (12.00am to 6.00pm)         €90.00

Artist’s Digital Studio Serviced Hire Rates (with on hand technical support):
Individual Gallery Members:
1 hour (with tech, support)                €50.00
2 hours (with tech. support)              €90.00
3 hours (with tech. support)              €120.00
Full Day (12.00am to 6.00pm):         €150.00

Printing Rates:
Ink and paper (per sq inch)             €0.077 – €0.099 (depending on print media chosen)

Who can use this facility?
The ADS can be hired by individuals who are competent in the use digital imaging software and scanner. First time users are required to schedule a training session with our Digital Arts Manager Daniel Scully to ensure that the facility can continue to run smoothly. The fee for 1:1 training is €50 per hour. Users are then eligible to hire the facility.

How to book
Bookings should be made in advance by email Daniel Scully, Digital Arts Manager via email to or by calling in person or by telephoning (01) 671 4654. Cancellations: Please note that late cancellations (i.e. less than 24 hours notice) are charged at €30.00.

Opening Hours
Tuesday-Friday: Morning: 12.00am – 3.00pm, Afternoon: 3.00pm – 6.00pm,
Closed on weekends and Mondays.


Testimonial Sean Lynch:


“ I have regularly used the Gallery of Photography as a base for the production of my photographs since 2008, when I was awarded the artist bursary and exhibition award there. Since then, I have presented work throughout Europe and North America, with the gallery’s careful assistance and expertise all the time allowing for high end presentation.

The resource is, in my view, Ireland’s premier digital studio and should be full acknowledged now and into the future as a vital and important national resource.”