Tom Shortt: Young City

  May –
June 1992

Photograph by  Tom Shortt from the exhibition Young Lives at the Gallery of Photography May 18 to June 9 1992

In this series of photographs Tom Shortt examines what it is like to be growing up in a ‘young city’ and also examines the relationships between families, teachers, friends etc. Operating on a number of different levels these images also document the economic realities which confront people.

Set in Limerick they have a parallel in recent historical and sociological writing which attempts to ‘go beyond the information given’. They deal with people who have generally been ignored in the conventional narratives because their lives were deemed to be unimportant and of no consequence. Thus he clearly acknowledges the role of the artist to go beyond the purely aesthetic and to put questions about human emotions, social justice and politics. It seeks out the ordinary while never presenting a mundane picture.

About the artist: Tom Shortt, educated at Limerick School of Art & Design and the National College of Art & Design. Exhibitions have included Independent Artists, Douglas Hyde Gallery 1983, EVA Limerick City Gallery of Art 1988 and Contemporary Irish Photography:Captured Light in 1989. This will be his first solo exhibition in Dublin.

Gallery Talk on Friday, May 22 at 1:15pm