Between Worlds: Contemporary Images of Mexico

  July 1992

Image by Marco A. Cruz for the exhibition ‘Between Worlds’ 1992 at The Gallery of Photography

The Gallery of Photography is proud to present ‘Between Worlds’ a major exhibition representing a broad spectrum of Mexican photography, which will be shown in the Irish Life Exhibition.

Within the last few years there have been an upsurge of interest by the First World in Latin American culture, especially Mexican art, literature and photography.

Between Worlds brings together the work of sixteen Mexican photographers, some who are well established and known internationally, others are young and are only known within Mexico. What all their images have in common is a search to discover and acknowledge the diverse influences that touch Mexican culture today. Most importantly this exhibition is a Mexican vision of Mexico.

The majority of the work included in this exhibition was produced after the 1985 earthquake, with some especially produced for this exhibition. the themes covered in this exhibition range from the relationship between pre-hispanic Aztec culture and the occidental influences of Spain and Catholicism; the lives of women in rural Mexico; the migration from Guatemala to Mexico and the migration from Mexico to the USA; a Mexican view on the USA; a look at the largest city in the world, Mexico City.

The exhibition features work by; Alicia Ahumada, Yolanda Andrade, Adrian Bodek, Pablo Cabado, Marco Antonio Cruz, Victor Flores Olea, Flor Gorduno, Jose Hernandez Claire, Fabrizio Leon, Eniac Martinez, Francisco Mata Rosas, Perdo Meyer, Ruben Ortiz, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Perdo Valtierra, Mariana Yampolsky.