Donovan Wylie: The Travellers

  January –
February 1988

Description letter of the Travellers exhibition by Donovan Wylie

This exhibition at the Gallery of Photography when it was on Wellington Quay, displays the portrayal of travellers by people in the late 1980’s, through photographs taken by the 17 year old Donovan Wylie.

This exhibition portrays the lifestyle of Ireland’s Third world people. It comprises a series of six sections from photographers made in Belfast, Dublin , England and America. There will also be published in book-form in the Spring.

The photographs underline the facts of ignorance of, and prejudice towards, travellers. They are denied access to basic services.

During the making of these photographs, Donovan saw and learnt a lot. He saw children leaving school knowing no more than when they had started – and other children with burns throughout their bodies. ‘Everybody ignored them. A lot happened during the making of the photographs. People cannot accept travellers either because they perceive them to be unhygienic or simply because they are different from ourselves.’

‘The people of Ireland don’t realize that travellers are an important part of Ireland’s culture – they simply lead a totally different lifestyle. With the help of my book and exhibitions, maybe people will realize this fact.’

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