Paul Seawright: The Orange Order

  April –
May 1992

Photograph by Paul Seawright from the exhibition The Orange Order

Paul Seawright’s new and unprecedented body of work explores the closed world of the Orange Order in Northern Ireland.

Searching through the pageant and ritual of this secretive Protestant organisation, Seawright’s attention is drawn to the discreet interplay of figures, and to the sharp, vivid patterns of color, costume and regalia where past and present coexist.

This is a show of strength, rich in themes and characters, but Seawright’s work suppresses narrative in favor of a subtle abstraction. It is a predominantly low-level investigation bringing to mind a child’s view of the world. Bodies are truncated, faces are hidden, people remain anonymous.

About the artist: Paul Seawright lives and works in Belfast and has exhibitions regularly since graduating from West Surrey College of Art & Design in 1988.

Gallery Talk with Paul Seawright Friday 15th May at 1:15pm