The Gift by Giorgia Fiorio

  July –
August 2010

From the exhibition The Gift, © artist Giorgia Fiorio

The Gallery of Photography is proud to present the Irish premiere of a major body of work by Giorgia Fiorio, one of Italy’s foremost photographic artists.

In powerful black-and-white photographs, Giorgia Fiorio records heightened moments of spiritual and religious ritual from across the planet. ‘The Gift’ explores the relation of the individual to the Sacred. It reveals the tenacity and endurance of all human beings in their search for spiritual meaning in their lives. Taking over seven years to complete, ‘The Gift’ brings the viewer on a journey, paralleling the artist’s personal quest for truth and, perhaps, salvation.

The artist suggests that these powerful spiritual moments are “linked by a shared mystery that inhabits the bodies of those she photographs. The artist does not seek to make them easier to understand, nor even to explain them. She leaves us free to follow her along their mysterious roads, or to grasp them in other ways, seeing them as pure forms, a sudden burst of energy or a flash of light.”- Gabriel Bauret, curator.

The exhibition in Dublin is kindly supported by The Italian Institute of Culture – Dublin,  Culture Ireland, The Arts Council and Dublin City Council.

Artist’s Talk: Giorgia Fiori will talk about her work, on Friday July 2nd at 1.15pm in the Gallery. Admission free, all welcome. She will also be returning in October to present a talk at the Italian Insitute of Culture – Dublin.

About the artist: Giorgia Fiorio, b. 1967 in Turin, is one of Italy’s most renowned photographers. Alongside her many books, her photographs have been published in GEO, Stern, Life Magazine, and El Pais. She has undertaken many commissions, including a ten year project, ‘Men’. She has exhibited widely internationally, and received numerous awards, including the 1992 Kodak European Award; 1994 SCAM Award; 1995 Prix Special du Jury, Grand Prix de la Ville de Vevey, Switzerland; the 1995 Ernst Haas Award USA, 1995; Photographer of the Year, American Photography 1997; The Yan Geoffroy Award, 1997; The Amilcare Ponchielli Award, 2005. UNESCO granted its patronage to THE GIFT in 2008. See also: and