Robin Grierson & Virginia Khurri

  August 1992

Slides from Virginia Khurri’s exhibition “A Journey in Time” 1992

Review of Robin Grierson's exhibition "A Journey in Life" 1992 in the Irish Times, 7 August 1992

Review of Robin Grierson’s exhibition “A Journey in Life” 1992 in the Irish Times, 7 August 1992

Robin Grierson: A Journey in Life

This Series of evocative and haunting images depicts the life of a recluse in the small mining village of Fishburn Co. Durham. These images follow him through a short passage of time without being intrusive.

Robin Grierson has exhibited widely, most recently at a festival in Reims in France and The Photographers’ Gallery in London.

Virginia Khurri: A Journey in Time

Historical time is recorded in family photographs, portraits not of the rich and famous, but of ancestors, ordinary men, women and children, whose lives weave strands of Time and Place into the rich tapestry of history.

In this sequence of photographs, time is defined by a spiritual journey towards awareness and acceptance of the transience of life.

This exhibition was first exhibited in Glasgow School of Art and in the Nakazawa Gallery Hiroshima and finally in a group she toured by The Untitled Gallery in Sheffield.

Born in the US, Virginia Khurri has exhibited widely and has had work published in several publications to include The British Journal of Photography and Silverprint Magazine.