Robert Capa: Photographs

  December 1998 –
January 1999

Poster from Robert Capa’s exhibition “Photographs” at the Gallery of Photography 1998

Gallery of Photography, in association with Esso Ireland, is delighted to present a powerful exhibition of the lifework of the acclaimed photojournalist, Robert Capa.

The exhibition features all of Capa’s famous icons, including the ‘Falling Soldier’ from the Spanish Civil War, the gripping intensity of his shots of the D-Day landings, and his coverage of conflict in Indochina, where he was killed while on assignment for Life magazine.

Image by Robert Capa from the exhibition at the Gallery of Photography

Image by Robert Capa from the exhibition at the Gallery of Photography

Robert Capa demonstrated not only a passionate commitment to improving the human condition, but also an unfailing eye for graphic impact. His photographs remain the definitive visual records of momentous events of the twentieth century.

Books on Robert Capa at the Gallery of Photography Prices from 31euro

Books on Robert Capa at the Gallery of Photography Prices from 31euro

Esso Ireland are sponsoring the exhibition as part of their celebrations marking Esso’s centenary year in Ireland. Esso Ireland have always been keen supporters of the arts. Among the activities they support is the all ireland drama festival, now in its 40th year. Most recently, in association with the National Gallery, Esso produced a set of posters for schools featuring some of the most admired works in the gallery. Further information about the Robert Capa exhibition is available on posters in Esso service stations.

About Robert Capa:

Robert Capa (1913-1954) was born in Budapest. Driven from Hungary by political oppression, he first came to prominence for his images of the Spanish Civil War. A self-taught photographer, his work took him all over the world. In 1938 Capa was in China, recording the Japanese invasion; during World War II, he was in london, North Africa and Italy, and then in France covering the D-Day landings, the liberation of Paris and the battle of the Bulge. When the new nation of Israel was founded in 1948, he was there.

Photographs from Robert Capa's exhibition "Photographs" 1998

Photographs from Robert Capa’s exhibition “Photographs” 1998

Away from the front lines Capa was surrounded by an extraordinary circle of friends, including Ernest Hemingway, Gary Cooper, Pablo Picasso and Ingrid  Bergman, who was also his lover for some years. Capa’s pictures were widely published in Life, Picture Post and the Saturday Evening Post. He worked tirelessly for other photographers, and founded the world famous Magnum agency.

The accompanying book, Robert Capa / Photographs published by Aperture, is available exclusively at the Gallery of Photography at a special exhibition price of IR£20.00.

There will be a public discussion on photography and conflict at the meeting room  in the irish film centre on Tuesday 8 December 1998 from 2pm to 4pm.