Magnum Photos: Planet Football

  June –
July 2005

Image from the exhibition Planet Football at Gallery of Photography Ireland, June 23 – July 24 2005.

To celebrate the universal language of football and next year’s world cup in Germany, the Gallery of Photography and the Goethe-Institut Dublin are delighted to present ‘Planet Football’ – an exhibition of images of football from the world-renowned agency MAGNUM PHOTOS.

The exhibition features both historical and contemporary photos from all over the globe taken by some of the world’s greatest photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Abbas, Chris Steele-Perkins,Luc Delahaye, Josef Koudelka, Bruce Gilden, Susan Meiselas, Martin Parr, Marc Riboud and many others. These images subtly offer visitors not only a feel for the enjoyment of the game but also a journey through countless themes connected with football: fair play, gender roles, commercialisation and religion.

In keeping with the motto “A Time to Make Friends”, our aim is to show that football exerts a global fascination that knows neither national or cultural boundaries.

There are few things that unify people across the world better than a game of football. More than just kicking a ball about, football stirs passions beyond rational thought, affecting the mood of nations or even the fortunes of governments.

Since before the formation of the famous Magnum agency in the 1940s, various members have photographed the world of football, documenting the players, the supporters and the game, from barefeet in African mud or a Brazilian beach to kicking cans in British backstreets. This collection shows how deep the roots of football run, how wide they are spread and how football culture crosses every boundary of nationality, race and religion. This portfolio of images combines the beauty of the game itself and the aesthetic quality associated with the photographers of the world’s leading photographic agency. It provides a celebration of football in its widest sense as well as a fascinating social insight into many parts of the world over a period of more than half a century.

The exhibition is accompanied by a Phaidon book, Planet Football – Price: €14.95