Daniel De Chenu: Nihon No Snap Shashin – Japanese Snapshots

  April 1992

Image of poster for the Daniel De Chenu exhibition ‘nihon no snap shashin’ at the Gallery of Photography April 1992

Irish Photographer Daniel De Chenu’s first solo exhibition at the Gallery of Photography opens at 6:00 on Wednesday April 1st. Last year Daniel De Chenu was the first photographer to be offered a one person exhibition in Tokyo City. The Collection being presented at the Gallery is a series of photographs taken by De Chenu while in Japan. It traces Daniel De Chenu’s journey through Japanese culture. The photographs are divided into two parts and show a foreigners response to a complex and sophisticated culture, Part 1 is entitled ‘Into the City’, a series of photographs capturing the feeling and atmosphere of one of Japanese cities. Part 2 is entitled ‘Into the Temple’ and reflects the delicate simplicity and beauty of the Japanese Temples.

These photographs represent an outsiders view of what up until relatively recently was a tightly closed and enigmatic culture, while at the same time explores the medium of photography itself as a vehicle for creative expression.

This exhibition in Japan was supported by the cultural relations committee at the Department of Foreign Affairs.