John Kelly and Catherine Alonso

  June –
July 1992

Image by John Kelly

This two person exhibition is a study of the rituals and diverse cultural elements that create a religious form.

John Kelly’s work deals with the rituals of the Hare Krisna movement here in Dublin and while still an outsider he presents in this black and white series an intimate view.

John Kelly, born Dublin, has been photographing now for about five years and this is his first exhibition.

Image by John Kelly

Image by John Kelly

Catherine Alonso’s series of color images portrays a branch of the Celestial Church of Christ in North London. The presence of women is particularly prominent but their heirarchival advancement is impeded by the conception of the ritual impurity (especially during menstruation during which time they are banned from the Church).

Catherine Alonso recently graduated from Farnham School of Art & Design and this body of work was shown in London in 1991 at Slaughterhouse Gallery.