Steven Pyke and Timothy O’Grady: I Could Read the Sky

  September 1997

Photograph of images by Steve Pyke from the exhibition I Could read the Sky at the Gallery of Photography September 1997

I Could Read the Sky is a collaboration in the shape of a lyrical novel, between writer Timothy O’Grady and photographer Steve Pyke. It tells the story of a man coming of age in the middle years of this century who leaves Ireland, like so many others, for the promise of English wealth. During his decades of bewildered exile, he remembers the potato fields of the West of Ireland and the factories, mines and building sites of England where he worked, haunted by the faces of the family he left behind and the land that is still within him. Richly atmospheric, the vivid and sensual text and photographs bring feeling and image together like an act of memory.

A meditation on memory, a distillation of the experience of Irish emigration, and a stunning portfolio of monochrome images.

” The photos are a reminder of everything which is beyond the power of                                                words….And the words recall what can never be made visible in any                                                   photography”  John Berger, from the introduction

About the Authors:

Steve Pyke is one of the most acclaimed photographers working in Britain today. His work is exhibited internationally.

Timothy O’Grady was born and raised in Chicago. He is the author of the prize-winning novel, Motherland, and co-author, with Kenneth Griffith, of Curious Journey: An Oral History of Ireland’s Unfinished Revolution.

Exhibition and Book launch assisted by the Arts Council and the British Council.