UNION Noel Bowler

  Thursday 6 April –
Sunday 14 May 2017

Services, Industrial Professional & Technical Union, SIPTU, Ireland © Noel Bowler 2016

‘In Conversation’ 5pm on Thursday 6 April.
Noel Bowler in conversation with artist, lecturer and writer Ken Grant.
Places are limited booking by email to [email protected]

Opening reception:
Join us at 6pm on Thursday 6 April to celebrate the launch of Noel Bowler’s Union exhibition (immediately after the ‘In Conversation’ event)

Noel Bowler’s expansive project ‘Union’ looks at the spaces of organised labour. ‘Union’ explores the meeting rooms and back offices at the coalface of the ideological war between labour and capital that has shaped our lives since the industrial revolution.

Mostly unpeopled, these interior spaces are quietly revealing. Some organisations occupy the simplest of functional spaces, others confidently demonstrate their rootedness within the established order of things, their spaces echoing the board rooms of corporate power. There is lightness of touch, too. The ZNP Union of Polish Teachers will convene in what is, in every sense, a classroom, complete with blackboard; while at The Brotherhood of Teamsters in Washington DC even the chairs huddle in conference.

“It’s heartening to spend time with Bowler’s quietly anchored work, to recognize the value and richness of all these sustained labours and understand that there are still sharp minds and strong hands ready to navigate difficult waters” – Ken Grant