Eugene Richards

  September –
October 2001

Image by Eugene Richards from a selection of his work at The Gallery of Photography September 6 to October 6 2001

“Eugene Richards is possibly the best walking, living photographer in the world” – Don McCullin

The Gallery of Photography is proud to present the Irish premiere of an exhibition by the award-winning American photographer, Eugene Richards.

Richards is renowned for his moving black and white images which confront difficult aspects of contemporary society with compassion and integrity. This exhibition is the photographer’s personal selection, drawn from three decades of quiet, watchful, passionate observation. It includes work from Few Comforts or Surprises, Richard’s earliest documentary on the Arkansas Delta; his ground-breaking Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue; and his recent projects in Mexico and Uganda. His gentle and respectful working style places him in the worlds of the people whose stories he is driven to tell. The photographs do not speak about some generalised Humanity; rather, these compelling, demanding pictures involve us with particular people, living in complex times.

About the photographer: Born in 1944 in Dorchester Massachusetts, Eugene Richards studied photography at MIT under Minor White. He is the author of eleven books and the recipient of numerous awards for photography, including the Guggenheim fellowship, the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Award and the Robert F. Kennedy Lifetime Achievement Journalism Award for his coverage of the disadvantaged.