Clare Langan: Track

  May –
June 1997

Images from Clare Langan’s exhibition ‘Track’ at the Gallery of Photography 1997

Track, an installation of 30 large color photographic works by Irish artist Clare Langan, exploring a journey of the spirit through extreme though connecting landscapes, opens to public at the Gallery of Photography, on Friday 9th May 1997.

The work who’s cinematic influence is evident in terms of both format and presentation, traces the movement of a person or presence from one environment to the next. Connecting time and place in an unreal manner, it addresses issues of transition and mortality. The work is based on an interweaving of personal experience and the resonance of physical environment. Starting in Ireland it evolved through the artists changing environments of Iceland and New York.

Slide from exhibition 'Track' by Clare Langan

Slide from exhibition ‘Track’ by Clare Langan

The narrative is driven by a cinematic approach to format and installation. The manner in which the photographs are taken and the juxtaposition of the images take reference from various film techniques, such as panning, jump cuts in editing, composition and positioning of the figure within the frame. These techniques, which make use of hand-made filters, create a feeling of distance central to this work.

In Track, photography and film mirror each other closely blurring their boundires. Images are present as a series of film-frame stills (each series contains 2-3 images), where moments of time and motion are captured in a frozen image.

Slides from exhibition 'Track' by Clare Langan

Slides from exhibition ‘Track’ by Clare Langan

Born in Dublin in 1967, Clare Langan graduated from the Fine Art (Sculpture) Department of NCAD in 1989 with a first class honors degree. In 1993 she completed the Intensive Film Workshop at NYU, New York. Her first exhibition Dogdays, at the City Arts Centre, Dublin, travelled to Berlin, Vienna and Zurich. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 1993 and has been shortlisted for this year’s PS1 Studio Programme Award, New York. She is currently working on new work for a group exhibition Digital Dimensions at Arthouse which opens on June 18th. Track will travel to the Hafnarborg Cultural Centre, Iceland, in August this year.

The work was funded by a Visual Arts Bursary from the Arts Council, sponsorship from Fuji, and was completed on the Artisits Work Programme at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Kilmainham (January – April 30th 1997).