Based On Our Current Science

  August –
September 2008

Still from Paul Murnaghan’s film screening at the Gallery of Photography Ireland in 2008.

Based On Our Current Science… has been devised for The Gallery Of Photography by invited curator Sally Timmons and includes work that appropriates readily available imagery and metaphor as poignant and curious examples of the means through which the lens is capable of carrying with it the ideological concerns of a time.

Rather than acting as an attempt to dispel mythologies around fairies, time travel, pseudo sciences and conspiracy theories, the exhibition will present a new tradition of storytelling whereby the spinning of tales serves a useful purpose towards a further understanding of visual culture (Sally Timmons 2008)

The exhibition is unique in that each of the works presented lay claim to more than one author through the appropriation of visual imagery from another source. Impartial evidence is presented in the form of faked photographs, video documentation of pseudo sciences, attempted prophesies and visual evidence of censorship.

Through the cooperation of Temple Bar Cultural Trust a series of free outdoor screenings will take place after dark in Meeting House Square in September. The films that will be presented harness a much trusted and popular documentary format that takes on a mode of investigation towards the further comprehension of an aspect of human belief systems.


Ulrika Ferm [Fin], Martin Healy [Irl], Sean Hillen [Irl], Paul Murnaghan [Irl], Lee Welch [US], a television interview between JZ Knight and Merv Griffin [Courtesy of Merv Griffin Entertainment US], Wright and Griffiths [UK].