Anthony Haughey: New Video Works

  March –
April 2009

Photos from the video installation Propect 2008. © Anthony Haughey

Weekend screenings, Fri – Sat – Sun: March 20-22 & 27-29; April 3-5 & 11-12

Nearly 6,000 immigrants have died on the frontiers of Europe since 1988. Among them 1,883 have been lost at sea in the Sicilian Channel between Libya, Tunisia, Malta and Italy. Prospect, a new video work by Anthony Haughey, highlights this neglected issue, exploring personal stories and experiences of illegal immigrants in ‘Fortress Europe’.

Prospect brings the viewer on a metaphoric journey across the turbulent seas off the coast of Malta. The vantage point of the camera places the viewer in the position of sub-Saharan migrants. The accompanying soundtrack and previously unseen footage records first-hand accounts of perilous journeys from Sudan and Somalia to Europe, journeys that can take over three years.

In Progress ll, a video work made in collaboration with Susanne Bosch, the camera moves continually around a dinner table, at which a group of recent migrants to Ireland are telling stories. The constant movement creates a spatio-temporal frame referencing the transient position of the participants as guests in the host country. The individual dialogues explore the in-between space and transcultural connections between ‘home’ and the host country.

About the artist: Anthony Haughey is one of Ireland’s leading photographic artists. He has exhibited widely in Europe and the US. and his work is in public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum, British Council, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery and many private collections. His forthcoming exhibitions include the Prehistory of the Crisis ll at Project Arts Centre and Belfast Exposed Gallery and his installation Class of 73 at Les Rencontres d’Arles 09.